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Baby Boomers want to ensure that when they are ready to retire they will have enough money to comfortably see them through their retirement.

Today retirement income planning must include education, explanation and transparency.  Today’s retirees aren’t just buying products… they require solutions, guarantees and peace of mind.

Social Security optimization, regardless of your tax bracket, is critical to get every dime you can from your social security benefit.  Having a game plan before heading to the Social Security Administration is a must.

Women must have a solid foundation and understanding of personal finance and retirement planning. Gone are the days relying on the man of the house to “take care of things”  Women today are earners, and with divorce rates on the rise it’s crucial to be prepared.

As a result, I’ve created a FREE Retirement Readiness Kit to show Pre Retirees how to maximize their retirement readiness, and more importantly, to teach those already retired… How to get the most from their retirement savings.

I’ve created three view-at-home seminars loaded with worksheets, downloads and your Retirement Readiness Kit is FREE!   

You can access it right now by selecting the seminar of your choice… or view all three!