Social Security is often the largest and most mismanaged assets  in people’s retirement plans. 

74% of Americans receive reduced benefits (1because they don’t know how to claim the right benefits. 

Americans can earn up to 76% (2) more if they delay their benefits from age 62 to 70 years old.  While claiming benefits sounds easy—most people go about it in the wrong way. 

American retirees take 38% (3) of their retirement income from Social Security.  The Social Security Administration says there are 567 ways to collect, yet offer no advice.

At Family Wealth Advisors, we have created a website that will introduce pre-retirees to Social Security.

If you’ve already started taking Social Security—if it’s been within the year, you can reset your benefit preferences.

Jeffrey J. Biro, President, has been in the industry for over 33 years and has extensive knowledge in healthcare, finance and life insurance.  

We represent most insurance carriers in AZ which provide Medicare supplement insurance and can help you can make an informed decision on which plan is right for you.  

See what our clients are saying on that same website under the testimonials tab at  

We can also offer you a complimentary Social Security Maximization analysis. Please call Pam at 480.969.5667 to schedule an appointment.


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